Why choose Studded dog collars

Personalized and Engraved dog collars aren’t just for little dogs that second as your accessories. Even rough and tough dogs can look stylish in the leather studded dog collars.  It’s just a matter of finding what is right for your dog. Imagine your dog with a pink leather studded dog collar.

Not only are custom collars nice to look at, they also add a little extra safety for your pet in case they run off or get lost.

Studded dog collars products

Studded dog collars Q&A

When you say studded do you mean with the jewels or do you mean with the spikes? Both usually are for pure fashion but the reason spiked collars were made is for outside or sheep dogs so if another dog or other animal trys to attack them their necks are more protected.

No studded collars are not illegal.

Although even if large spikes are legal it’s not a good idea, the dog could end up injuring itself or other dogs/people. Small studs are fine and pose little risk to anyone.

Check out pet stores, most sell some sort of collar with studs.