Why choose Personalised dog collars

Our monogrammed and embroidered dog collars give you the opportunity to customize your pet’s name and a phone number.

Having that important information right on the collar makes it easy to see. Some pet parents also like that they don’t need an informational pet tag dangling from the collar. This information will help a stranger bring your four-legged friend home in the event they ever become lost.

Personalised dog collars products

Personalised dog collars Q&A

Simply to say, the custom dog collars have two function for your dog at least. The first and more important factor is the personalized custom collar can have the dog owner’  name and phone number. This can help you to find the lost dog. Another reason is the custom dog collars always have outstanding design. This feature can make your dog more stylish.

There are a wide range of personalized collars. They can be made by embroider, rhinestones,or laser engraved. Embroidered dog collars is more durable and cheaper as the process is traditional. Rhinestone dog collars is fancy but need handmade process, so the price is higher than embroidered one. Laser engraved dog collar is using the programmed laser technology to engrave the information into the collar. The owner’s name and number can make on a lot of material.