Why choose dog tracking collar

Dog tracking collars can be split into 2 categories: radio dog trackers collar and GPS dog tracker collar.
Radio Trackers utilize a somewhat dated technology and have been used for decades. These dog collar tracking device don’t require a monthly subscription. The radio dog tracking system are commonly used by hunting dogs, and cover roughly the same distance of a Walkie Talkie’s Range.
GPS dog tracker collar are cutting edge technology that allows you to pinpoint your pets location in real time. You can see a history of locations reported by these dog tracking collars to see every place your pet went while you were away. Some of these GPS tracker for dogs even give an alert when you pet leaves a pre-determined area (geo-fence). It’s the kind of best dog tracker collar in current market.

Dog tracker collar

Dog tracker collar Q&A

The dog tracker collars can’t determine the location precisely, but the general direction and distance is determined.

The direction is determined by comparing the signals received by two antennae simultaneously. The phase difference (time delay) between the two signals can be used to determine the general direction, turning the receiver until both signals are equal would mean the receiver is pointed directly at the transmitter. A third receiveing antenna could be used to help “triangulate” the direction more precisely.

Distance can be determined by the strength of the received signal. The signal strength gets weaker with distance.

If you are going to use it for finding a lost dog, that has been gone for hours, then you might need a subscription service type.

If its to follow or find your dog out in the woods while your follwing behind, then there are some collars that have a gps tracking device that you carry as you follow the dog, and the dog wears a gps sending collar and your handheld unit shows the dogs gps position on a map, So you can walk towards the dog as he is wandering around.
This type is used for hunting dogs so the owner/hunter can keep track of and keep up with and follow the dog out in the woods. but it has a limited range of about 1/2 to 1 mile distance.