Why choose dog harnesses

Dog harnesses can help you to control your dog more convenience whatever they are walking or sitting in the car. It’s a useful equipment for you to have outdoor activities with your dog. For example, dog harness for walking with retractable lead can give more room for dogs but less stress on their necks.

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Dog harnesses Q&A

A harness that clips in the front does not trigger the opposition reflex and can be a great tool to teach good leash manners. This sort of harness I only recommend for use with the standard leashes (not flexi or retractable leashes) so that the dog doesn’t hurt himself. I used a front clip harness to teach my dog good leash manners by building a foundation of not pulling and then graduating to a normal flat collar. If he messed up by pulling, I turned around. If he messed up a few times (two or three), I just switched the leash to the front clip (had the harness and the collar on at the same time), and if he did really well, I took off the front clip completely and gushed praise. He walks like a pro now on the standard 6′ leash.

However, if you are using a long leash for hiking, I recommend getting a harness of the sort that tracking dogs wear so the dog is more comfortable. I have a harness like this for my dog when we play outside on the long leash. I can’t have him off leash because of the law.

The gentle leader easy walk harness works very well. However no collar or harness will stop pulling without training.

The easiest method to train a dog to stop pulling is to just simply stop dead in your tracks when the dog pulls, turn around and go the other way, when the dog comes up along side you, praise him for heeling or what ever command you like. I also carry dog treats, the ones they like best, to keep the dog focused on me. Make sure to keep repeating the command so that he’ll understand what it is you want him to do.