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That ‘if it’s cold for you, it’s cold for your dog’ statement refers to short-hair breeds. Dogs like Lab/Collie/Shepard mixes, considering all three breeds have generous coats, do just fine in the cold.

That’s what all of that fur is there for! Only dogs with short coats should wear jackets, and that’s because.. well… it’s obvious, isn’t it?

Trying to put a jacket on a dog that has a nice coat already will actually over-heat them.
However, dogs don’t have such good insulation on their feet. Their paw pads can be affected if it’s snowing out, and so you might want to look into buying some doggie shoes. They use them on huskies up on dog sledding teams if the dogs have a problem standing on the ice.

Any short or fine coated (single coated) breed that feels the cold benefits from a jacket, not just small dogs.

Dobermanns, Greyhounds, Weimeraners, Pointers, Great Danes etc all have fine coats and feel the cold.

My Dobes have always loved wearing their jackets when its cold or raining.
If it is raining, they will even wait on the verandah until I put their waterproof jackets on before they venture out to go to the toilet.
Can’t say I blame them – lol

Just because a dog appears to have a short coat, does not mean it feels the cold.
I noticed one person mentioned Rottweilers…
They do very well in cold climates even though their coat is fairly short, it is a thick double coat.

I have two friends that have always had Rotties.
When I lived in the ACT in Australia (snows there in winter), I have seen my friends Rotties snoozing outside in the snow on their backs as if sunning themselves, rather than sitting in front of the fire with my shivering Dobes!!
They did not feel the cold at all, even when well below zero degrees celcius.