Australian CobberdogOrigination: Australia

Traits: Loyal, smart, friendly, intuitive

Lifespan: 13-15 years

Maintenance: Medium

Breed Information Overview
Australian Cobberdogs are otherwise known as Australian Labradoodles. In Australia, cobber is slang for ‘mate’. It was given this name due to their friendly nature, and ability to bond with a human quickly.
The Cobberdog breed is descended from labradoodle and poodle. Their different personalities and appearances have been ‘mixed’ together, similar to a potion, which is the Cobberdog. The labradoodle’s consistent and overall adorable personality was passed on to the Cobberdog. The Cobberdog has taken on the poodle’s hypoallergenic, coat meaning they are unlikely to have an allergic reaction.

The Cobberdog is a perfect dog for families who need a first-class therapy dog. They have the ideal amount of energy to play the role of an assistance dog. They are also very intelligent and are quick learners and express great sensitivity to children and grandparents and all those in the middle.

The Cobberdog does not have a hair coat, but rather sheep-like wool as fur that feels like a combination of feathers and an overwhelming amount of wool. They don’t shed fur, and the skin doesn’t flake or peel, meaning they won’t give a nasty allergic reaction to people allergic to dogs.
The ‘wool’ has an entire palette of colours, which range from black, silver, coffee, gold, vanilla white, crimson and navy.

Australian Cobberdogs come in many shapes and sizes. They range from 23 inches to 13 inches in height and 35 kilograms to 6 kilograms in weight. Do you know which kind of dog supplies good for Australian Cobberdogs? 

In conclusion, the Australian Cobberdog is a great therapy dog for families with somebody diagnosed with anxiety, depression or PTSD. Or, if you would just like an adorable dog to play with, then this dog is perfect. The Australian Cobberdog learns quickly and can learn a trick in at most, a fortnight. Unless they’re not the smart type.

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