The ADVANCE™ brand has been developed with WALTHAM, “WALTHAM is a world-leading authority on pet care and nutrition”. ADVANCE™ premium pet food is manufactured by MARS® Petcare with over 45 years of manufacturing experience right here in Australia.

The ADVANCE™ brand is the most tested super premium pet food in Australia designed specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate and lifestyle.


Tips for Advance pet food

Advance dry dog food is a super premium diet scientifically formulated by Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition – a principal authority in pet nutrition science – to produce top-of-the-range dry food for dogs. Advance creates tailored nutrition to meet age-specific requirements as well as breed-specific requirements. With different kibble available catering to all shapes, sizes, ages, and activity levels, there is sure to be a diet for every dog.

While a mixed diet of wet and dry food is ideal, it is always important to include dry kibble as the main component. This is because dry food helps to maintain healthy teeth. The mechanical action of chewing on hard kibble scrapes off tartar and plaque on teeth (much like toothbrushing), and helps sustain overall dental health. Dentition for pets is just as important as it is for us, so anything that can be done to promote healthy teeth and gums is highly recommended.

Advance has a diet for puppies, adult small and large breed dogs, senior dogs, and active dogs, as well as diets for dental health, weight loss, sensitive stomach and sensitive skin. For an active working breed adult pooch with a higher requirement for energy, Advance Adult Dog Active is completely balanced for you.

Perhaps you have a growing puppy and need a top quality diet to support their high metabolism and growth? See Advance Puppy Plus or Advance Puppy Food Range.

Do you have an old dog who needs a diet that will support their joints and provide a low fat yet still completely balanced diet? See Advance Mature Dog.